Eating and drinking in Opduin

On the edge of the Texel dunes we built our Opduin restaurant. A tasteful and light living room, without formal hotel linen, but with luxurious Rosenthal dishes. Aart Wijker is the king of the kitchen for many years now and Kevin Vonk and his team spoil you in every way they can.

Texel has a large number of passionate farmers, who produce beautiful lambs meat, dairy, vegetables of the land, free range pork meat, fresh fish, fruit and exquisite island products such as sea vegetables.

Aart and his team compose a new menu each season and behold a few classics. For variety, and also for a longer stay, there are changing specialties each day and a barbeque in summer.

Opduin is ambassador of the Slow Food movement. Authentic, small-scale, sustainably produced, local, seasonal and transparent about its origin.



In the restaurant we serve the breakfast buffet and dinner. For lunch we welcome you in our conservatory.


Bar / terrace / conservatory

Texel is a great destination, because there is so much to do on the island. But enjoying a holiday first of all means doing nothing at all. That is why Opduin is filled with cosy places.

In the conservatory you are surrounded by green and light. This is where we serve lunch, but of course it is open all day. In the old fashioned bar you can find a spot by the fire place, warm and cosy, and Texel beer from the tap.

The Natura 2000 area ”de Texelse Duinen” starts at the edge of the spacious terrace, deep arm chairs, and every one its own shaded corner. Rewind in the sun and enjoy the light from the smog free sky.


Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

Waking up slowly, reviewing the plans for today, freshly whipped cappuccino and self squeezed fresh orange juice.

When you arrive early enough you will be treated with pheasants and rabbits scaling around.

From 8 am on wards an extended breakfast buffet is ready for you, with real island products such as cheese from local farm the Wezenspyk and buck thorn yoghurt, a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon and Peter’s home made jam.

Till 10:30 am and on Sundays an extra hour, so take your time. Breakfast is 18,75 per person and children eat along for 9,75.



Four times a year we send a newsletter to Texel-lovers.