Hamptons on the Wadden

The Hamptons are a group of villages and hamlets close by New York. In weekends and holidays many New Yorkers go to this seaside resort to enjoy beach, sun and good food in a stylish environment.

It has been the inspiration for our vision statement, which we development for Opduin. Delicious, local, homemade food and drinks with a story, furniture with history, vintage. Combining old with new items.

Rich fabrics with a natural, matte look & feel, soft and simple colours. Lots of white painted wood. Outdoor life, birds, flowers, plants, wood, sea, beach as theme in decoration. Lots of fluffy pillows on the couches. Day light, fresh. Shutters as window decoration.

You create an atmosphere that is informal but stylish, where inside flows into outside. A tasteful living room feeling, it looks cosy, but everything is well thought out. Windy outside, nice and warm and luxurious inside. You are well taken care of. Living together, doing things together, being carefree.

An outspoken place on the Texel Dunes where we enjoy each others company, the peace and quiet and fierce nature. A stylish hotel with people I get to know and who carry forward passion and enthusiasm.