Something’s getting in between?

Don't worry up until  3 days before arrival
Any cancellations up until 72 hours (3 days) before arrival are free of charge.

Cancelling within 3 days before arrival
A cancellation up to 27 hours (1 day) before arrival means that you can choose a new date without any charge. The only condition we ask is that we will need the new date immediately.  If changing your reservation to a new date isn’t an option, then we will charge 50% of the reservation.

Cancelling within 1 day before arrival
Cancelling within 1 day (after noon the day before arrival) before arrival is unfortunately not without charge. We will charge 100% of the overnight stay and any booked beauty treatments. The costs for breakfast, dinner and city tax will be cancelled free of charge.

Booked with a third party?  
Then please contact the party you have booked with (for example and ask about their cancellation policy.