A Texel party

A Texel party

A great party is well organized and at the same time gives your guests the opportunity to completely feel themselves. If you invite your guests for a stay on the island the fun already begins. It is just like going abroad, but then even better.

Texel offers a world of possibilities. Food and drinks are grown and made by the neighbor, nature is fierce, sports are adventurous, art and culture is high standing, spoiled with wellness and unique skies on endless beaches.

A wedding, marriage celebration or a family gathering. Your guests not just step by, but enjoy a real happening.


Teambuilding activities

Collecting oysters on the mud flats, a nature excursion, flying over the island, surfing… So many activities to have your guests experience something special in between meetings.

We are happy to help your find a suiting activity. And of course are glad to organize it for you as well.

We already gathered these activities to inspire you.



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